Our History

Pop Warner Pioneers

The following members of the E.A.A.A. have been given the status of Pop Warner Pioneer for their 20+ years of participation as either a participant, coach, sponsor or volunteer. Our congratulations and thanks for your continued support of the Englewood Area Athletic Association.

Joe Freeman
Ernie Moore
Ron Ortiz
Mike Johnson
Kristine Riley

The EAAA will be nominating new members for the Pioneers Award. If you have particiapted in Pop Warner as a football player, cheerleader, coach, volunteer or sponsor for a total of 20 years (they do not have to be consecutive and they do not all have to be with Englewood), please contact the Board of Directors.

Peace River Conference Champions

Football - 2007
JPW: Englewood Lions (11-0)
Spirit - 2007
M: Englewood Cougars
JM: Englewood Panthers
PW: Englewood Widcats

Retired Jerseys

Many times we come in contact with so many people in our lives through school, work, places of worship and of course teammates of our local athletic leagues. We want to take the time to give respect to those who have gone before us. Some after a full life, and others way too soon. We are thankful for the memories, and you will never be forgotten.