Officers and Committees

2019 Englewood Cats Committees & Chairpersons

Charlotte County Parks & Recreation Liaison
Youth Sports Council
Andrew Mitchell
Camps Shane Whitmore
Concession Stand OPEN
Football Equipment OPEN
Fundraising Nichole Matthews
Game Day Kristine Riley
Laws and Rules Board of Directors
Pro Shoppe OPEN
Public Relations Greg Truisi and Andrew Mitchell
Registrations OPEN
Scholastics Caitlyn Bouthiller
Special Events Cheron Cumberbatch
Speed & Skills Shane Whitmore
Team Parents OPEN
Website Andrew Mitchell

Board Members

Greg Truisi President
Kristine Riley Vice President
Stacy Wear Treasurer
OPEN Secretary
Shane Whitmore Athletic Director
Andrew Mitchell Spirit Director
OPEN Registrar
OPEN Equipment Manager
Caitlyn Bouthiller Board Member
Denise Becker Board Member
Danny Wear Board Member
Nichole Matthews Board Member
Cheron Cumberbatch Board Member
Jason Million Board Member